• April 14, 2015

This project was a two story office suite renovation in a one hundred year old building.  The renovation was completed over the course of seven months.  During that time, among the rooms completed were a large conference room, two water closets, two kitchenettes and one bathroom.

Both water closets in the space were tiled with grey, honed marble tile.  The bathroom was tiled with cream colored marble.

The second floor kitchenette was given espresso cabinets and a white granite countertop. The kitchenette was supplied with a full size microwave and an under counter refrigerator.

The first floor kitchenette was a 7’ x 5’ 6” room.  Espresso cabinets were installed, as was a white granite countertop.  The kitchenette was supplied with a full size microwave, a full size refrigerator and a dishwasher.


The conference room contained an old, out of service fireplace.  The fireplace was stripped down to its foundation to allow for the installment of a new mantelpiece and façade. Electricity was run to the area to supply electronics above the fireplace.  The façade was completed with chisel cut white quartz.  The hearth and mantelpiece were made of polished white quartz.


The entire suite was painted in a soft earthy grey.  Accent walls were painted in metallic silver.  The existing door moldings were replicated to create an antique detail.  A hanging platform and a stainless steel chandelier were also installed to complete the space.